To failure and beyond!

We Are Screwed! is all about the micro- and macrocosm of a space ship. Either alone or with a group of friends you can not only directly manage, upgrade and repair its interiors, but at any point you can also slip into the captain's chair, behind a turret, or one of many other roles on board. Take your vessel on a crazy-hilarious tour through the universe!

Coming soon to PC and consoles.

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Rock the Universe

Team up with up to 3 more friends, and screw up the universe!

Operate a Space Ship

You maintain a space ship, and complete missions in the scrapyard of the galaxy.

Improve Your Vessel

Discover crazy tools, items, and modules to upgrade your spacecraft!

Don't Screw Up!

Coordinate your team, prevent disasters, and explore old derelicts in the backyard of our galaxy.

Wanna See Something Cool?

Take a look at our old prototype trailer - art style to be replaced soon™

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